November 2020 San Diego Real Estate Market Trends

November 2020 Market Update for San Diego, Ca

Totals for All Detached & Attached Properties

San Diego Homes for Sale

San Diego Recently Sold Homes

Average Days on the Market of San Diego Homes

Median Home Price in San Diego

Current and Past Interest Rates


  1. Josh Sloan   8:00 PM on Tue, February 9th, 2021

    Gord, typically between the months of October-February we see fewer homes for sale and sales and the highest number of homes for sales between May-August. We have had an inventory issue for quite awhile now and as long as it continues, we'll see prices increase due to demand. To answer your question about more supply showing up, I don't think there will be an influx just because prices are up. The reason behind that is those sellers will need somewhere to go and since prices are higher across most, if not all of the country, many people will continue to stay where they are.

  2. Gord Collins   12:54 PM on Sat, February 6th, 2021

    Josh, do you think the key chart is the reduction in homes for sale, or will more much more supply show up when prices rocket up? I'm thinking there will be some big price increases across SD county this spring and summer. What will buyers do?