Selling A Home

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Sell Your Home Faster

Our real estate experts can help you prepare and stage your home for a faster sale.


Sell for Top Dollar

On average, our listings sell for 3.8 percent more than other local brokers — in less time.


Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art, paperless technology makes selling a home painless and hassle-free.


Strategic Home Pricing

Successfully selling your home means determining a price that will draw the most interest and the highest offer. Price too high and you risk not attracting buyers. Price too low and you may receive less than your house is worth.

This is where our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market can help you receive the best possible price for your home. We analyze market trends, research past sales and review current listings of comparable homes to help you select the optimal price.

Strategic pricing sells your home quickly while maximizing your profits. If you plan to move to another home in the area, we help you determine the amount you need to receive to purchase your next property. We can also help you find that new dream home — and balance the buying and selling processes seamlessly.

Prepare Your Home

Once you’ve listed your home, it’s time to prepare it for sale. Our experienced realtors provide strategic advice on preparing and staging your home for a quick, profitable sale.

Many sellers update their homes before selling to maximize their profits. Even the choice of paint colors or flooring styles can make a difference in the number of buyers you attract — and the price you receive. With our expertise in the California and Idaho real estate market, we can help you make the best investments in preparing your home for sale.


Create a Solid, Targeted Marketing Plan

Marketing is an important step in the sale of any home. In a buyers’ market, it’s essential to make your home stand out among competing properties. In a sellers’ market, strategic marketing helps attract multiple offers. We develop a comprehensive marketing campaign designed specifically to sell your home based on location, amenities and the current real estate market.

A solid marketing plan prepared and conducted by a professional realtor can make a big difference in the price you receive. We have a solid history of selling homes for premium prices. In fact, our listings sell on average 3.8 percent higher than those listed by our competitors — and in much less time.


Yard Signs & Sign Riders

Attractive sign that get the attention of buyers in the area.


Flyers & Postcards

Professionally designed and hand delivered around the neighborhood.

Virtual Tour

Each property receives a professionally produced video tour of their home.

Twilight Photography & Video

Each home is has unique qualities and some homes just look better at night.


Open House Events

Our open houses average 30+ buyers in 3 hours and multiple offers.


Professional Photography

All listings receive gorgeous professional photography and virtual tour.

Negotiate the Best Offer

When you receive your first offer on your home, it’s important to evaluate carefully before accepting it. A few lucky sellers receive a full-price offer with few contingencies. Most sellers, however, need to analyze and negotiate before accepting an offer to purchase their home. Our experienced agents can help you navigate the complexity of purchase offers so that you accept the offer that best meets your needs.

If you receive an offer that’s less than you hoped for or has numerous contingencies, we’ll evaluate the offer with you and discuss any possible counteroffers. If you receive multiple offers, we work with you to determine the best offer for you. Price is naturally a consideration, but you also need to consider any buyer contingencies as well as the financial backing of a potential buyer including any all cash offers.


Close with Confidence

We work with you closely during the final step in the real estate sales process: closing. Our real estate agents help you to deal with all the details of closing such as escrow, title reports, contingencies and more.

Advanced technology enables you to handle most aspects of closing in a paperless environment. Our goal is to make the closing process as simple and painless as possible so that you can focus on other priorities — such as moving from your current home to a new home.

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